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Trail Riders Awards Program (T.R.A.P.)

This is information to help you understand T.R.A.P. -- the Trail Riders Awards Program.

The information package that can be mailed to you includes an application form, copy of the program rules as written in the CSHA Handbook and a drawing of the beautiful patch and chevrons that you will receive.

Chevrons will be presented as you earn them. Upon joining you will receive the large TRAP patch and twelve rider's logs. The logs are to be filled out at the end of each month and sent to your State TRAP Chairperson.

This program is an excellent way for people at the state level within CSHA, local and state government, and local and state park department to see where the riding is taking place. The logs allow you to document the condition of the bridle paths, how many riders were present, and the type of riding that was done in your area. It is so important that the people within the decision making process of the State of California are aware of what we, the equestrians, want and require. We hope you will tell your trail riding friends about it, that it is in existence for the sole purpose of honoring the trail rider, the backbone of the horse industry!

The only requirement is that you are a current member of CSHA, either as an individual or club member. Of course being a commercial or life member is also OK. Your original application is $15.00. The annual renewal fee is $10.00. Your hours continue to accumulate for as long as you continue to be active. They do not cease at the end of the year. This is strictly an honor system. It is up to you to keep your logs and mail them in. Whether riding alone, with a group, poker ride, or endurance ride, the trail hours are acceptable. The only exclusions are arena work and parades (these hours cannot be submitted).

Sign up now for the Trail Riders Awards Program by contacting your State T.R.A.P. Chairperson listed on the CSHA website.

Recruit your friends, and start working on those trail hours!



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