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Trial Trials

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Trail Trials is an obstacle course competition that tests the trail skills of horse and rider.  Courses are several miles in length and reflect the diversity of California trails whether they are located on a ranch, public park, wilderness, beach, desert or urban setting.

Obstacles are natural to their region and are ones typically encountered while on a trail ride.  Trail obstacles are not composed of artificial arena-style tests.  A judge at each obstacle evaluates the way both horse and rider negotiates these obstacles by keeping common sense and safety in mind.  Trail Trials is not a race and can be ridden at your own pace, with any breed of horse, pony or mule or any style of riding.
One set of rules governs all CSHA sanctioned Trail Trials.  Riders may register in Region 3 for inclusion in the region's Trail Trial High Point Program.  A State Championship Event is open to any CSHA member who completes at least three Trail Trials in the competion year and is a member of their Region's Trail Trial Program. 
In the Region High Point Program, riders accumulate points based on their placings within three age categories and three skill divisions at each sanctioned ride.  Rules and registration forms are available on other pages of this site.
A calendar of events listing all CSHA sanctioned rides, flyers and results is available on the state website at
Diane Medlock, Chair
(530) 979-1953


See you at the next Trail Trial!