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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rating show?
The CSHA Rating Secretary will rate every rider. A "rating" is based on the average of each rider's times in three different shows into one of seven speed divisions.  If a rider is not rated they must compete in the Open Division for at least three events.  In a Rating Show only the four rated events are run and there are no awards presented.
What is a point show?
Contestants earn points for their placings in each of five events run at a show.  These points are tabulated and a daily high point award is presented within each Division (depends on sponsorships).  Points are tabulated on an annual basis for end of the year awards too.
Which events are "rated events"?
Cloverleaf Barrels, Birangle, Big T and Skill Barrels.
Which events are run in a Point Show?
We always run the four rated events.  The other events will vary with each show. 
Can I just walk through the course?
Yes!  That's the best part about our program, as you and your horse develop better skills and move out a little faster you'll be rated up in the divisions.  This keeps it exciting for you and keeps our divisions competitive.
How much are entry fees?
Entry fee is $40.00 per day for all events.  Or you can pay $8.00 per event.  The best way to enter is to email the Gymkhana Chairman the week before the event.  Assisted Riders pay $20 for the day.
Do I have to be a CSHA member to enter?
No, entry is open to anyone but you'll sure miss out on a lot of fun!!

Attire: Western Saddle- western attire. English Saddle- English attire, otherwise: Long pants with belt loops. Button down shirt or blouse designed to be tucked in with a collar and TUCKED IN. Shirts can be long or short sleeves. Women can wear sleeveless shirts. If you have long sleeves they need to be down and buttoned at the cuff. Boots with a heel, no riding shoes are allowed. All spurs are to be secured into the boot heel or around the boot by use of a strap or tape. You can wear a sweat shirt or coat over the above attire, but do not wear the hood or push up your sleeves. T-shirts and or tank tops, baseball caps and visors are not allowed.


Entering the Arena:

 Once your name has been called you have 1 minute to enter the arena.

 A combination may be assisted into the arena, by leading or herding, until the horse has fully entered the arena. The assistant must then exit the arena. This rule shall not apply to riders who have not reached their 13th birthday. Then an assistant shall be allowed to enter the arena on foot and remain in the arena until the combination has completed the course and exited the arena. The assistant may not enter the course.


Once in the arena you must have your horse under control. The rider must momentarily break the horses forward motion either by coming to a four footed stop, backing, circling, or turning the horse 180 degrees away from the start/finish line.


The horse must come to a halt after finishing the course and before leaving the arena, but may turn or circle before coming to a halt.


Before leaving the arena the rider must acknowledge the judge and wait for the judge’s signal that indicates a good ride or disqualification.


Region 3 Gymkhana requires that riders under 18 wear riding helmets.


These are a summary of CSHA gymkhana rules, there are many more!!

The complete Rule Book is available on the Web.


Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about any rules or courses.

We are here to help, stay safe and most important have a great time.


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